Toyota Third-Row Seating: What To Know (2023)

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Third-row seating can be useful, especially if you’re in need of some extra space. Adding them on one of the most world-renowned models, you could have great quality and functionality all mixed together. Below, find out all about Toyota third-row seating and if the model you’re looking for has it available.

Why Look Into Toyota Third-Row Seating?

There are several reasons why you might look to third-row seating as an option for your Toyota. Maybe you have a large family, children involved in a ton of activities, or maybe you like to host others and need the space. It’s not just about having enough room to fit everyone but also about trying to seat everyone comfortably too.

On top of that, most Toyota vehicles are built with versatility in mind. That means that instead of always having to use the seats for passengers, there are options to use the extra space for other things. If you feel like you constantly have to haul stuff, you could fold the seats down and enjoy enough space for all of your equipment, no matter what it is.


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Models with Toyota Third-Row Seating

If you’re a fan of Toyota, you probably know a bit about their lineup. If you’re on the hunt for the same great features of other Toyotas with extra space, then check out these models that have Toyota third-row seating.

Highlander + Hybrid

The Highlander and Hylander Hybrid from Toyota have a ton of features that make them stand out. First of all, for an SUV, they get up to 29 mpg. On top of that, you have an interior space that has a ton of room and standard third-row seating on all models, including the XLE, XSE, Limited, and Platinum.


The Toyota 4Runner is one of the car manufacturer’s most popular models, equipped with a beautiful and roomy interior, an affordable price tag, and a sophisticated yet sporty look. Third-row seating is not a standard feature, but it is available on models from SR5 Premium and up. Get them trimmed in leather or cloth, whichever site your need for an extra row of seating.


The Sequoia is a full SUV that boasts a 5.7 L V8 engine. It comes with standard 4-wheel drive and even has the ability to tow if you’re going to use your vehicle for travel. The Sequoia comes standard with Toyota third-row seating, fitting up to 8 passengers comfortably. Even with so many bodies in the car, you’ll still have cargo space for whatever equipment you might need.

Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser also comes with standard third-row seating, creating a comfy and compact space that won’t take up too much space on the road. This popular model is known for its on and off-road performance and handling, allowing you to take off and explore all kinds of terrain.

Toyotas Without Third-Row Seating

Toyota has a long list of models, some of them ranging from compact economy cars all the way up to large SUVs with tons of space and towing capability. Still, there are many popular models that you won’t find third-row seating options, including:

(Video) 2020 Toyota Highlander: How 2nd & 3rd Row Seats Work

  • The Toyota Tundra
  • The Toyota Sienna
  • The Toyota Rav4

Of course, the Toyota Prius and Corolla are not made for a third-row, so those will be out of the question if your needs go beyond just 5 passengers.

Pros and Cons of Toyota Third-Row Seating

If you’re considering the purchase of a vehicle with Toyota third-row seating, it’s best to consider the pros and the drawbacks. Below, we’ve listed a few things that you should keep in mind. Consider both the good and bad before you make up your mind, getting the best fit for you and your driving needs.

The Pros


The number one reason you may look for an additional row is the need for more seating. Whether it’s for family life or business life, a third row can come in handy if you need more passenger seating.

The Safety

Larger vehicles made from a quality car manufacturer have a ton of features to keep them safe on the road. From rollover protection to side airbags along with the doors and all around the interior, you can find safety features for all.

The Versatility

You won’t find many cars out there that don’t have the option to fold third-row seats up. Car companies know that there is not always a need to pack a full house, providing options to use the extra space to pack in more cargo or other materials.


(Video) Using the 4Runner 3rd Row

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The Drawbacks

Though most of the ideas above may have you convinced, consider a few of the drawbacks before making your final choice.

The Size

The size is a big one. These larger vehicles need a lot of space, whether it’s for parking, driving, or storing in a garage or other type of storage unit. Consider the space that you have before making a purchase, making sure that you have enough so that you don’t regret your buy.

The Cost

Because you have a lot more going on with a larger vehicle, you can expect the price tag to be a bit higher than other kinds of vehicles. Though Toyota has models of all kinds, you could get a steal if you go for something in the middle, one that gives you the best of both worlds.


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Toyota Third-Row Seating: Is It Right for You?

Toyota third-row seating is a great option to have, especially if you’ve got a lot of people and stuff to haul around. Still, you should take a few things into considerations before you hop over and buy one. Think about the seats you need, the space you have, and your budget, making sure to consider everything first.

Is a car with third-row seating right for you? It’s up to you to decide, and maybe take one for a spin before deciding to get a feel for how they handle and feel on the road.

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